Written & Directed by Don McCamphill

Starring John Travers

The Complex - Dublin Fringe - Sept 11-14 @18.15 extra show Sept 14 @ 13.15

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"Anto Devlin is baying for my blood, and they've promised it to him…"

Award winning Bruised Sky Productions return to the fringe with a savagely dark and bitterly funny new play by Don McCamphill.

Euan is 13. He lives on a council estate in Northern Ireland. Euan meets Paul online. But is Paul all he appears to be?

Paul has done the worst thing he could possibly do, and now they are after him.

Euan wants them to run away together and nothing will stop them..

A play for anyone who has ever got themselves into trouble, for anyone who has ever run out of friends and places to hide. Vivarium is a play for anyone who has taken the wrong road, to the very end.

Following the Offie Nominated Villain and 5 star award winning Victim, Bruised Sky's new drama stars John Travers (Song for a Raggy Boy, 48 Angels) and is written by Northern Irish writer Don McCamphill whose films include The Wayfarer, a winner of the BBC Northern Lights competition, and Warning Signs, one of the BAFTA-nominated Citizenship series.